Euro pallet sizes: what you need to know about them

Pallets are necessary to facilitate both loading and unloading of goods from a truck or trailer, as well as to streamline the transportation process. The European Standard Pallet (EPAL) is the most popular or commonly used type of pallet. Learn more about the dimensions of the euro pallet and what else is important to know about them – for safe transportation!

What you need to know about euro pallets

Euro pallets is a standardized and uniform cargo pallet system throughout the European Union. Its size is very handy in that it fits the size of standard doorways. However, take into account that absolutely every pallet must be made of durable material, most often – from wood, there must also be a specific number of nails and boards, as well as the appropriate marking. Only by complying with these conditions, it is considered to be compliant with international pallet standards and can be used for freight transportation.

There are several sizes of the Euro pallet. There are a total of 3 most popular types of pallets:

  • Euro or European: 1200 x 800 x 145 mm;
  • Finnish or FINPAL: 1200 x 1000 x 145 mm;
  • Industrial or English: 1200 x 1200 x 145 mm.

Euro pallet sizes are denoted by EUR or EUR1. It is designed for various types of transport. The dimensions of the bag pallet are larger, and it is also heavier in terms of weight, however, it is designed to transport lighter loads. On the other hand, the industrial or English pallet has the largest standard adopted in Europe in terms of size. Its basic function is to ensure loading and unloading, as well as to secure the cargo for convenient and safe transportation.

The weight of a standard euro pallet is 25 kg. On the other hand, the carrying capacity of pallets can be up to 1500 kg, however, their maximum weight depends on the type of service used. Namely, what exactly needs to be transported and how best to do it. In case, however, the load exceeds the specified weight limit, there may be several solutions. Firstly, the placement of the cargo on the pallets is changed and, secondly, the price is also calculated taking into account the total volume.

LDM or loading meters

Another important aspect to consider when thinking about the size of a pallet is its loading meters, which indicate how much space the load will take up in a trailer or truck. The most popular pallet sizes and their capacity:

  • For Euro pallet: 0.4 LDM;
  • For a bag pallet: 0.5 LDM;
  • For an industrial pallet: 0.6 LDM.

In situations where it is necessary to transport cargo of non-standard size, a non-standard pallet is also used accordingly. However, it should be taken into account that these are already individualized orders, where LDM is calculated according to a certain formula by multiplying the width and length of the pallet. The obtained result is divided by the width of the trailer.

Pay attention to the quality and price of pallets

In order to be able to use euro pallets to their full potential, it is necessary to pay attention to their visual appearance and quality, especially if they are purchased second-hand. Make sure it is not broken or damaged, as this may affect the stability and safety of the cargo being transported. Also, make sure of the appropriate weight of the pallets, taking into account the fact that different densities of wood may be used in their production.

The price of a pallet depends on whether it is used or new. The price of new pallets ranges from 10 to 20 EUR per unit, while the price of used pallets ranges from 5 to 10 EUR.
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